Our mission

Make property investment accessible to everyone

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Invite and Earn!
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Our core values

We are focused on optimizing the investment process for our clients, and we strive to do so every day


Transparency in Processes

We assure investors of complete transparency, with no hidden conditions or surprises.


Exclusive Profitable Opportunities

Investors are exclusively offered the best and most profitable options.


Safety as a Priority

Safety is one of our top priorities, and we continually strive to enhance it


Full Support

Our company's support team takes care of customers at every stage and is always ready to assist.

Transparent monetization

How we earn

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Investment Participation

Together with our clients, our company invests in all the offered real estate properties and shares the profits

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Owner Commissions

The company receives fees from investment recipients who list their real estate properties on the website

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Our team of one thousand real estate specialists provides paid consulting services to partner companies

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Founder of the company

Who started it

Founded in 1993 by Jim Fry, our journey began in the real estate industry. In 2011, we expanded globally, becoming a significant player in the market. In 2014, we ventured into the IT sector, introducing innovation to empower investors worldwide.

Today, we continue Jim Fry's legacy of excellence in real estate and technology.

Join the Public Investor Community

As of 2019, we've already built a community of 200,000 investors who are making money from property every day.

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